About Toms Magic Wood

Toms Magic Wood is a comprehensive package of step by step woodworking projects. There are 200 pages with all kind of woodworking project ideas which helps you to understand how to build all kind of stuffs by using wood.
Being so easy to follow these projects are exactly what a beginner needs and once you finish your first project you can look for more complex carpentry projects. In case you are an advanced woodworker then you’ll also find Toms Magic Wood projects helpful because this collection puts together all kind of plans and you just need to start to follow them.

With Toms Magic Wood you get access to:

  • The full 16,000 collection projects with step-by-step details
  • You have the option to request everything on DVD and 2 DVDs will be sent to your mailbox
  • Lifetime Free Updates with no other recurring fees
  • 100% Risk-Free with the 60 days money back guarantee option